You should have your hearing tested if…

  • you are having trouble hearing speech in background noise
  • you feel others seem to mumble or speak too softly
  • you are struggling to communicate in your home environment
  • you tire easily during a long conversation or in complex social/listening environments
  • you often ask people to repeat themselves
  • you find background noise to be uncomfortably loud
  • you have trouble hearing the TV or radio clearly?
  • you find telephone conversations difficult?
  • anybody close to you mentions that you might have a problem with your hearing?

About Nadine Jooste

Nadine Jooste is a registered Audiologist who qualified with a B.Communication Pathology degree in 1997 at the University of Pretoria, as an Audiologist and Speech, Language Therapist. After a short time of doing Speech Therapy she was employed as an Audiologist at Siemens Hearing Solutions, and soon came to realize that Audiology was her passion. After several years at Siemens she went on to work in England for three years, working in the NHS, providing her with massive exposure to most makes of hearing aids as well as experience in different fields of diagnostic audiology. She then relocated to Cape Town and joined the team at The Hearing Clinic, working with Dr John and Janet Steer as well as Francis Slabber, where she worked for almost 9 years. After branching off on her own in the middle of 2015, she currently runs a successful private practice servicing the Southern Peninsula, Hout Bay and Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

Nadine has extensive knowledge and experience in the supply and fit of hearing aids and has always kept abreast of the latest developments, research and technology. She regularly attends training courses & conferences and for a couple of years helped out with clinical supervision and tutorials at the University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch. Her special interests include adult hearing impairment and hearing aid fittings as well as medico-legal evaluations and reporting.